Oct 16, 2017

Regina’s private sector commits to city’s future growth and development

Regina’s private sector commits to city’s future growth and development

Regina, SK, Canada / 620 CKRM
Drew Postey
October 06, 2017 12:27 pm

Eleven organizations in Regina are stepping up to invest in the city’s future growth and economic development.

Companies such as the Harvard Group, will be investing 750-thousand dollars over the next three years directly into Economic Development Regina.

Initiatives such as the Regina Advantage, EDR’s Smart Growth Strategy, implementation of the city’s first plan for business growth and investment attraction will all get a share of the funds.

Mayor Michael Fougere said right now it’s not about the dollar total, but more about the fact the private sector is now aggressively interested in aiding the city’s future growth.

“This is really significant because it means the beginning of a much more strategic roll out of ideas, and you’ll see them in the coming weeks and months. So in and of itself 750-thousand dollars is something that can be used for promotion and advertising and being strategic , but it also sets the table for other companies to come in as well,” Fougere said Friday morning.

EDR’s Board Chair Murad Al Katib is also investing with his company AGT Foods.

Al Katib said we cannot say that economic growth is city hall’s job alone, we must all take responsibility for our future.

“Private sector engagement and economic development, it’s all of our responsibility to partner with the city, and at the end of the day we all benefit. We want to attract and retain the best employees, we want more investments into our regional economy and i think the citizens of Regina demand quality of life,” Al Katib said.

Commitments from more organizations are expected in the near future.

Other companies investing into EDR not already mentioned are, Blue Plate Capital, the City of Regina, Greystone Managed Investments, ISC, Mosaic, Phoenix Group, Praxis Consulting, Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association and the University of Regina.

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