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Introducing HIVE by Harvard, the ultimate tenant experience app.

The HIVE app offers unparalleled convenience, an abundance of perks, and all the essentials you need to effortlessly buzz through your workday.

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Hive Features

  • Facility/Building information
  • Parking applications
  • Contests & promotions
  • Retail directory
  • Tenant resources
  • and More!


Why should I get Hive App?

Great question! The HIVE app is an all-in-one solution designed to help you breeze through your workday. The app allows you to easily book amenities, submit service requests, and receive notices, news, and event information anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you'll have access to exclusive retail offers, promotions, contests, the tenant handbook, amenity and building info, and so much more.

Can I still book amenities through email?

Although this option is still available, using the app is a much simpler solution. It allows you to check the availability and information of the amenities and book the space with just one click.

Do I have to sign up to receive notices and announcements?

No, we will continue releasing all notices and announcements via email and through the HIVE app. 

Will this replace my monthly newsletter from Harvard?

Yes, HIVE by Harvard will become your new home for news, events, contests, and more. 

What kind of notifications can I receive with HIVE?

You can receive email, push notifications or SMS notifications and have complete control over the type of notifications you receive.

How do I download the app?

You can download the HIVE by Harvard app by clicking the links above or searching for "Hive by Harvard" on the Google Play or Apple App Store. 

Ugh. I can't find /don't like/am missing something!

We're sorry you’re having trouble, but let us know! Your feedback is key; we want to ensure the app works for everyone. If you're having an issue with the app or would like to leave us feedback, click the “Questions? Contact your property team” button at the bottom of the app’s homepage.