The green movement is growing in size. People, organizations, and governments are increasingly looking for cleaner, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient means of operating. Small changes make a big difference and we’re committed to making positive, sustainable changes that will benefit our communities and the planet. 

By taking action to reduce our carbon footprint, increase the efficiency of our buildings, and conserve our resources, we build and maintain environments that are not only comfortable to be in, but are also environmentally friendly.

Building design


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is one of the newest and most recognizable certification processes available world-wide for achieving .

Harvard’s LEED-certified buildings have been designed, constructed, operated and maintained to more efficiently use resources when compared to buildings built to code standards. They are measured based on nine key areas of human and environmental health and they also represent an ethical system for sustainability.


Mosaic Tower
Century Plaza
Agriculture Place




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BOMA BEST is North America’s largest environmental assessment and certification process for existing buildings. This voluntary program provides us with a consistent framework for assessing the environmental performance and management of our properties. Most importantly, being part of BOMA BEST holds us accountable - it pushes us to make more thoughtful decisions when considering our impact on the environment.

Mosaic Tower
Century Plaza

Hill Centre Tower I

Hill Centre Tower II
Bank of Montreal
Agriculture Place
FCC Tower
201 Portage
Conexus Plaza

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Together with EnergyPrint, we are working to build insight into managing the energy use across our portfolio. By collecting data directly from utilities, EnergyPrint has allowed us to easily track our consumption and implement plans for preventative maintenance. Most importantly, this technology has allowed us to better inform and educate our tenants while creating solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.



Our partnership with Greenwave Innovations allows us to quantify our carbon footprint reductions. Through their monitoring services and predictive maintenance solutions, Greenwave provides us with proactive strategies to reduce our impact on the environment in ways we can visualize. Their technology is next-level and we are excited to expand their expertise throughout our entire portfolio.