Paul J. Hill

Paul J. Hill

Chairman, President, and CEO
The Hill Companies

Mo Bundon

Mo Bundon

Vice Chair

Rosanne Hill Blaisdell

Rosanne Hill Blaisdell, MBA, C.C.I.M.

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

Steve N. Enns

Steve N. Enns, RPA

Vice President, Property Management

Tina Svedahl

Tina Svedahl, CPA, CMA, ICD.D

Vice President, Investments

Tony Coppola

Tony Coppola, CPA, CMA, M.A.

Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Operations

Terry Downie

Terry Downie, FCPA, FCA

Vice President, Finance

Hiedi Pearson

Hiedi Pearson, CPHR

Vice President, Human Resources

James Camplin

James Camplin, LLB

General Counsel

Aaron McDougall

Aaron McDougall

Vice President, Leasing

Pauline Wagner

Pauline Wagner, CPA, CA

Corporate Controller