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201 Portage Achieves Level 3 BOMA BESt Certification

April, 2015

201 Portage Achieves Level 3 BOMA BESt Certification

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, the Building Owner's and Manager's Association (BOMA) of Manitoba recognized the BOMA BESt recertification for Harvard's latest office tower acquisition 201 Portage at its monthly luncheon in Winnipeg, Manitoba. BOMA BESt is the leading environmental certification program for commercial buildings in Canada, and has served as the industry standard since 2005. BESt stands for Building Environmental Standards and recognizes commitment to environmental best practices including energy efficiency, water conservation, emissions, indoor air quality, and a solid environmental management system. 201 Portage has achieved a Level 3 BOMA BESt certification, as it achieved a score of greater than 80% on the BOMA BESt assessment. The property scored exceptionally well on the BOMA BESt assessment in the areas of Emissions and Effluents, Indoor Environment and Environmental Management System.

201 Portage is one of nearly 60 Manitoba buildings that have achieved BOMA BESt certification since 2008.

To learn more about the program, visit www.bomabest.com


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