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Mother Teresa Middle School Celebrates First Graduating Class

July, 2014

Mother Teresa Middle School Celebrates First Graduating Class

Regina, SK June 2014 - Mother Teresa Middle School (MTMS) has reached a major milestone as the school celebrates its first graduating class.

Sixteen students, all who completed grades six through eight, will now move on to continue their education at the high school level. Throughout the past school year, the students along with the MTMS graduate support director and mentors, researched local high schools to determine which would be the students’ best fit and ultimately decided where to attend.

As high school students, the MTMS graduates will rely heavily on not only the academic skills they developed, but also on the life skills they acquired. These students are a testament to the success of the school’s operating model that aims to assist Regina’s vulnerable inner-city youth by providing an enhanced, holistic, middle school education.

The graduated students will now prepare to begin the fall semester at their respective schools while fellow peers, teachers and mentors from MTMS provide support and motivation moving forward.

MTMS was founded in 2011 by Paul J. Hill with the support of partners Harvard Developments Inc., The Regina Catholic School Board, Campion College, and English Canadian Jesuits.

For additional information visit: MTMSCHOOLREGINA.COM


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